The Collaboration Platform

The primary purpose of the Collaboration Platform is to transform the way humans share knowledge, resources and collaborate with each other towards a unified, coherent and harmonic society.


The Collaboration Platform Ecosystem is all inclusive and comprises of Inventors, Programmers, Developers, Engineers, Designers, Analysts, Scientists, Economists, Artists, Healers, Farmers, Doctors, Teachers, Musicians etc. People from all walks of life and areas of expertise are able to contribute towards ideas they are passionate about and are rewarded based on their collaboration and sharing of knowledge on a completely transparent, fair and secure platform.

Any individual who has a new breakthrough invention, an idea or a project is able to publish their information on to the ionicGRID platform in a secure and transparent manner. ​The old, inefficient and obsolete patent system has no place in the New Paradigm since the idea and belief to compete against one another or keep secrets from each other for competitive advantage are frequencies that no longer can be sustained. 


Collaboration Platform Characteristics

  • Based on blockchain principles, the collaboration platform network can neither be hacked nor is it susceptible to any individual, corporation, or entity owning it or influencing it. The development of the network will forever remain opensource and consensus based.

  • The collaboration platform is founded on the core principles of trust, transparency and integrity. Any one regardless of their ethnicity or background, has equal opportunity to participate and collaborate in ushering humanity into a new paradigm.

  • Way too many inventions have been lost, suppressed, or ignored by those in powers to be. As part of the new paradigm, one no longer needs to feel fearful of anyone or from anything. Everyone has an equal right to fully express their ingenuity and creativity.

  • Imagine a world where all of us are working together towards a common higher purpose. Where we are no longer competing, but instead are collaborating and sharing our resources for a greater common good. Each of us gets to do what we are passionate about and get rewarded for it.

  • One of the most simple and efficient geometric shapes in our universe is that of a sphere. The New Paradigm Collaboration Platform is a spherical ecosystem rooted in the pure, natural and abundant frequencies of nature -- it's simplicity, adaptability, efficiency and abundance.

  • Just as nature, the New Paradigm Collaboration Platform is self-correcting, self-reliant and self-perpetuating. A higher order intelligence that is the corner stone of the New Paradigm shall ensure the workings of the Collaboration Platform until it is no longer necessary.


Wealth Creation, Distribution & Sustenance

An opensource wealth sharing algorithm ensures fair and transparent creation and distribution of digital tokens across the ionicGRID Collaboration Platform. Initially, a predetermined number of  digital tokens will be released into the Ecosystem in order to kick start the collaboration cycle.

Due to the self-perpetuating​ and balanced nature of the Collaboration Platform, the Ecosystem will not require any additional infusion of digital tokens. As people begin to use the platform and start collaborating on new ideas and inventions, the number of transactions (i.e. each time new information is shared among contributors) across the Ecosystem would increase exponentially. Each such transaction would generate more digital tokens which would re-enter into the Ecosystem and in turn provide further incentive for even more collaboration on new ideas and inventions.

As the number of ideas and inventions shared and collaborated upon in the Ecosystem increase, the value of each digital token increases too; thus creating pure abundant wealth for everyone.


Contribution Value Score

Each participant and contributor in the Ecosystem has a 'Contribution Value Score' associated to their Unique Identity Signature. The 'Contribution Value Score'  is evaluated based on four metrics and it determines the amount of digital tokens an individual receives based on their contribution to a particular invention, idea or project.

  • 1

    Contribution Impact

    Based upon the level of importance  and the impact one's contribution has had on the project outcome

  • 2

    Ecosystem Support

    Based upon how supportive and contributing one is to other inventions, ideas, and the entire Ecosystem

  • 3

    Contribution Volume

    Based upon how much contribution, in terms of number of transactions, has one conducted on the platform

  • 4

    Creativity  Aspect

    Based upon the level of creativity and the depth of new ideas and inventions one is sharing on to the platform


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