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A Synarchic Society

Collaboration in the New Paradigm

The magnitude of this Collaboration Platform and it's potential to impact every aspect of human existence is immense.

Imagine a world where everyone is doing what they're truly passionate about. A world where everyone is truly empowered to express and share their individual unique gifts and contribute towards a more conscious and harmonic humanity.

A harmonic society where instead of competing against one another, we compete against our own selves to embody the highest and purest version of our unique blueprint. A society based on principles of freewill and authentic expression. A society where we all live in a harmonized hierarchy -- a synarchy. 

In such a world, there are no individual leaders dictating and controlling humanity's future; but a world where the entire human civilization acts as one coherent collective with one common overarching vision -- to realize, live and express our human potential to the fullest. 

The ionicGRID ecosystem is the portal through which all that has been kept in the dark be ushered in to the light. It represents humanity's ticket from scarcity and lack to prosperity and true abundance.

A synarchic ecosystem is one in which hierarchy and harmony are in absolute equilibrium.

A harmonized hierarchy, a synarchy, is the fundamental principle for all creation.


We are currently seeking New Paradigm Ambassadors to assist in establishing the ionicGRID Ecosystem as well as Creators and Developers to support building the Collaboration Platform.

The time has come for YOU to make a choice!

Are You IN?

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Conscious Investors

Conscious Influencers

Embodied Light Workers

Higher Order Council Members

New Paradigm Frequency Bearers

Creators & Inventors

Suppressed Technologies

Environment & Agriculture


Animation & Videography

Zero Point Energy Inventions

Conscious Health & Well Being


Vortex Mathematics

Systems Integration

Quantum Cryptography

Blockchain Algorithm Experts

Decentralized Network Architecture

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